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Bee Bee Jacket Cropped

Bee Bee Jacket Long

Buckingham Jacket

Cabled Chaffey Jacket

Chaffey midi Jacket

Dora Jacket Midi

Frida Jacket

Tally Ho Jacket

Mitre Tally Ho Jacket

Penny Jacket

Santa Fe Long Jacket

Shona Jacket

Shaker Jacket

Split Texture Jacket

Stitched Up Jacket Short

Stitched Up Jacket Long

Windsor Jacket

These Knitting classes are designed to up skill or test your skill level. 
Swatch 1 Texture class is created for knitters ready to learn some simple stitch patterns. The swatch has seven stitch patterns, six of which are reversible, so perfect for a scarf or wrap. 
Classes for both the Penny Jacket and Split Texture Jacket actually step you through the stitch patterns and cables worked in these designs. The Penny Jacket class also includes a mini version of the pocket detail.
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