Fibre: Australian Wool
Available Lengths:
Midi length 56 to 61cm
Available Sizes:
5 chest sizes to fit 34" to 48"
Available Necklines: Round
Texture: Woven Basket Stitch and Corrugated garter
Skill Level: 2 (Intermediate)
simple stitch patterns, short row shaping

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Design:Chaffey midi Jacket

Woven Basket stitch creates wonderful textured combinations

Visit my new website for the Chaffey Jacket

Chaffey can be knitted Midi length as shown 56cm to 61cm and long length 66cm - 71cm (see order page for long length).
The Corrugated Garter bands are knitted with the fronts of the garments and increased inot collar which can be round neck or shawl collar. Front hemline has shrt row shaping - option for straight hem is also given in the pattern.
Please reuest collar style when ordering.
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Design: Chaffey midi Jacket

Woven basket stitch is given by written instructions. Fronts stitch patterns are A symetric but maybe matched. Short row shaping into fronts only.

Technique: Texture or Cable

Tension: 21sts to 10cm/4" over st-st

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