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Signatur August 2017 Newsletter 81

Special offers - see below
Design Talk - Short Rows!

 Shows in Sydney & Canberra 
Coal Loaders Market Sun 27th August
In Style Market Turramurra Sun 3rd Sept

Handmade Market Canberra Sat/Sun 16th/17th Sept.
Hi knitters and handknit lovers! I am relishing the chilly start to the day, wrapping myself up with a scarf before I take Choppie for his walk.

Between shows I am managing to keep stock up-to-date across the new colours and new designs. Planning for winter 2018, applications for shows, and of course new designs.
I had an interesting week of classic design garment orders with Desert Flower A line and Shakespeare A line in demand. I might even bring these back into the range with, as always, a  couple of tweaks! 

Below: Desert Flower A line: An interstate visitor loved and bought bought this design in my studio last week. There are more colourways for Desert Flower but I've just discovered the centre colourway is not on the site! The colourway is Amanda.

Left and right a close-up detail of the right side and wrong side of a flower on the Desert Flower A line design. My knitters are just brilliant and love knitting from graphs.
Last three shows of winter downunder!

Made to Measure. With new designs, colours and as always length options it's been a very busy winter downunder. My brilliant knitters are knitting madly on orders, with one on the needles and one or two waiting in the sidelines to be started! The 10 to 12 weeks order to completion has subsequently slipped to 16 - 18 weeks! What a great present to give yourself for Christmas!!!

I am now taking orders for completion March 2018 - at 2017 prices, with just a 25% deposit (usually 50% deposit).
Right: Cable Chaffey in new colour Ruby, below shot I took when knitting the sample garment in Camel colour.
15% off all Signatur Knitting Kits until 30th Sept 2017. 

N.B. overseas orders exclude local tax of 10% with 15% discount  total 25% - free postage and more!

Knitting kits - I do like to make a sigknit.com and ozeyarn.com offer at the end of winter, across all my designs. Ozeyarn has Paypal and charges when you order. On sigknit.com you are charged when the kit is dispatched, then 15% will be deducted when payment is processed (your order will not show discount)

Knitting kits include pattern, yarn and handmade buttons. NOTE single colour garments you still have to pick a colour to then purchase the pattern.
The top Navigation bar Designs A-Z shows all designs and is an easy way to browse.
Coal Loaders Market Sunday 27th August

Located at Balls Head: from Waverton Station just head down to the point. The venue is the Centre for Sustainability where until the 1970's coal was loaded from truck to ship. It's an interesting site with the addition of vertical veggie gardens and chickens - not to forget the abundant market!
There's a sale rail of sample garments and discontinued designs at every show
In Style Market Turramurra Sunday 3rd September
Indoors, easy walk from Turramurra station, ample free parking, free entry.
Australian designed and Australian made from hand bags to clothing and homewares. Come and pick your knitting kit with 10% discount get knitting! 
Yarns for hats and wraps for great handmade gifts. Once again there's a 
sale rail of sample garments and discontinued designs 
Handmade Market Canberra @ EPIC
Sat 16th and Sun 17th Sept 10am to 4pm.

A wonderful excuse for a Canberra weekend and the show has expanded to take in even more Australian Made goods from Designers and Makers in the ACT, NSW, VIC and SA!

sale rail of sample garments and discontinued designs 
Design Talk & Knit Talk - short rows!

Short rows are simply incomplete rows. They have so many uses and introduce wonderful shape elements into your garment.


Right: The Split Texture Jacket shows short rows used to create a wedge into the hemline of the garment. This adds length and rows into the centre front and less rows at the side seam.

The hemline has a nice even edge, as the stitches are cast on and worked in garter stitch 3 full rows.

For the left front short rows are worked on wrongside rows, from buttonband edge towards side seam. Work just 9sts, turn knitting without completing the row, hence the term short row. Next row (right side) worked back to the front edge. Each wrong side short row takes an extra 3sts into the short row, so 12sts, next wrong side 15sts, until eventually all the stitches are worked front edge to side seam and short rows are completed!
Below: Swagger A line coat like the Split Texture Jacket has quite steep centre front edge, short rows are 3sts, whilst centre the Chaffey Jacket takes in 6sts, creating a far less acute wedge.
Below Left to right: Ameila Jacket two thirds of the back colour split, the short rows create an uneven hemline between the two colours Light Olive and khaki.
Buckingham Jacket with short rowed Bells on the centre back. 
Tally Ho Jacket in Sequoia: the Vee hemline has short rows both right side and wrongside, thus creating centred points.
Billy Drape which has been so popular this year, knitted sideways left front edge to right front edge. The rib buttonband is wider at the hem than the neck edge. Again using short row shaping which is also worked into the body of the knitting. Back hemline trim (right) also has short row shaping.

All the above designs have short row shaping (Yes and they are all green!)
Right: Wave Cowl, this has one seam and really highlights this same short row technique. Starting with 35sts, colours really show how the wedge is worked to a narrow point. The unworked stitches are held - out of action - then when a wedge is complete you knit a full row again.
All these pieces are sold as knitting kits and of course as ready made at shows. If you're interested in purchasing a hat, scarf or wrap but don't knit just email me and I'll send some images of what stock I have in these pieces. I am about to introduce some new colours, including Red Velvet which I've shown below as I sample knit it on the lounge! 
Knit Talk
Short rows
create wedges;
increases add
Cast off creates
Zig Zag edge.
Knit Talk this month is about short rows, the wave scarf right is knitted with short rows.
Short rows create wedges, which you can see right. I have knitted one left facing wedge, then 2 right facing wedges to create a horse-shoe shaped curve to the scarf.
Short rows are simply incomplete rows. They have so many uses, and there are so many methods that looking at Youtube is overwhelming.

I took some shots today whilst working on a sample in a new colour of Azteca: Ruby Nights. If you want to pick up your needles and have a try, you can use any yarn and any needles. It's garter stitch knit all rows.

Cast on 17sts. Obviously the image below shows I am part-way through the scarf, having already worked 6 wedges. 
Above left: So with 17sts cast on work only 15sts for your first short row.
The piece is garter st so knit all rows so the yarn is at the back of the work.
Above centre: Bring the yarn between the needles to the front of the knitting.
Above right: Slip next stitch left to right needle without working the stitch.
Below left: Take yarn back between needles, single unworked stitch on left needle.
Below centre: Turn knitting to wrong side - so the single unworked stitch is now on right needle.
Below right: Slip the next stitch left to right needle (same stitch previously slipped).
Take yarn between needles and knit to last stitch.
Zig Zag edge of scarf is created by increasing stitches the end of the wrongside row. When we cast the increase stitch off we create the points of the zig zag - so that's how to increase without a hole.
Work wrongside until 1stitch remains unworked. 
Above left: Pick up the yarn from between the stitches of the previous row. Can you see how large this loop can be pulled leaving a hole?
Above centre: Knit through the back of the loop for a firm stitch, no hole.
Above right: Increase stitch completed, knit last stitch of row.
Short Row Summary

Row 1: K15 left 2sts unworked - we slipped and wrapped the 16th stitch, the 17th stitch was unworked on left needle.
Row 2: Knit to the last stitch, M1 = make 1sts, K1 = 18sts.
Repeat Row 1: K15sts - as we have 18sts this will leave 3sts unworked - wrap and slip the next stitch - so 2sts unworked.
Row 4: As row 2 knit to last stitch M1, K1 = 19sts.
Repeat twice more = 21sts - this means you have worked 4 short rows and 4 increases.
Beginning of next short row cast off 4sts (Below left). K11 (instead of 15sts). (below centre). At this point it's really good to look at the stitches over the row. Can you tell which stitches have been wrapped? You'll learn so much simply by looking at the knitting, make fewer mistakes and when you do make a mistake find fixing it so much easier!
Repeat short rows and increases. After next 4sts cast off K7 to next wrap stitch.
Complete 3rd cast off 4sts (right centre). Continue row after cast off, K4, the next 11sts have wrap at base of each slipped stitch.
The slip stitch and the wrap below need to be worked as one stitch. 
Left below: With point of right needle pick up the wrap at base of stitch, then knit the stitch, shown centre. Lift the wrap (brighter stitch on right needle) over knit stitch.
Below right: This has been knitted without the wrap from below the stitch, the stitches have elongated. Above right you can see how when the wrap and the stitch are knitted together there are no holes along each section of the wedge.
It's all about colour! 
Buy to knit yourself or gift your sister, mum or BF a kit!
NEW Azteca Fine 8ply great new colour options too!
100g ball with 270 metres 53% Wool/ 47% Acrylic
Each design above requires 1 ball $20 + pattern (less 10% discount)
Above left to right: Azteca Fine Circular Cowl in Washed denim. NEW design Two The Point scarf in Peachy Pink. Circular Cowl again with added plait in Lichen and Beret in colour Mixed Berry. The Beret and the Yurt hat below are both from the one pattern.
Azteca 12ply in 4 NEW COLOURS
Above Left to right: Wave Scarf in Red Velvet. 100g balls Light grey to black new colour Drifting. Yurt hat in Azure and Circular Cowl in Multi Bright combination.
All design shown knitted from 1 x 100g ball $20 (less 10% discount until 30th Sept).
Below: Cinque in Purple Mountain 50g balls $16.
Centre Wave Cowl Large takes 2 x 100g knitted in colour Chocolate Wine. Right Circular Cowl - 2 x 100g balls in colour Lagoon - above right is 1 x 100g ball version included in the one pattern for the Circular Cowl.
Order 2 balls of Azteca 12 or Fine 8ply and get 3 free patterns (as images above Wave Scarf, Yurt/ Beret pattern and Circular Cowl with 3 style options).
Quick special for the end of winter
check www.ozeyarn.com

15% off CinqueHorizon & Azteca 12ply.
Circular Cowl - above right in Lagoon Azteca.
Wave Cowl left in rainbow and above in Chocolate

Yurt Hat - the pattern now has 3 variations - as shown or as a Beret and recently added a brimmed version as the Beret. 
Wave Wrap - below - no more Tonalita but this can be knitted in Azteca, Cinque & Horizon.
Receive 3 free patterns!

Order 3 balls of Azteca or Cinque
Azteca 100g balls/ Cinque 50g with 150m

or 4 Balls of Horizon
These are 50g balls with about 100m per ball.
Communication woes! Australia is upgrading the internet to a fibre-based National Boardband Network. This happened the same day as my last newsletter went out (went out is a good term for I lost a lot of emails and since then multipile drop outs daily and with the land line now attached ot the same - now my landline drops out too!) Applogies if you did not receive replies to your emails at this time.
Hope to see you soon!
 If you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter - or anything at all, please email Jane. Thanks for your support - Laura, Petra, Philippa, and I look forward to seeing you in the knitting circle!

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