Winter 2018

See what's new for winter 2018 and updates on favoutite designs

Winter 2018
Dublin Sweater
The Dublin Sweater takes traditional stitch patterns
and adds a new twist, yet places patterns between cables as an traditional Aran style.

The pattern has 5 chest sizes with 4 length options, I have choosen to use a large size on my size 10 model, as an over sized look, of course the fit you like is your option.
Collar half depth in double moss and rib, worn high left and turned back in the image right.
The options for the hemline is to work rib between the cables, or as shown with double moss between the cables. The rib pulls the band to the body, whilst the double moss hand straight with the body of the garment. The cables at side seam edge meet to create the crab claw cable at the side seam, the double moss at side panel is not taken into the rib.
Penny Jacket
Keeping garments stylish whilst keeping knitting and construction simple!
Cables are so classic and single cables on each side seam meet to create the crab claw cable, which is repeated centre back.
I have also used the cables to divide body panels of St-st (stocking stitch) and (Reverse st-st). Cables are also worked adjacent to the CG Corrugated Garter buttonband. Corrugated garter is 2 rows st-st and 2 rows and allows the buttonband to be knitted as one with the fronts - CG creates the look for K2, P2 rib, which I used to trim to the top of the pockets.
The corrugated garter buttonbands expand to the width of the collar, so when worn open as shown there is no wrongside of the collar, so no ugly pick up edge or seam.
Zig Zag Sweater
First - I am calling the Zig Zag sweater but we are looking at a vest! There are both options sweater and vest in the instructions of course, and at the time of shooting the sleeves were still on the needles!
I have written the pattern by rows which create the chest size, as it is knitted sideways side seam to side seam, whilst the number of stitches create the length. More below about knitting sideways.

I have also included 2 length options into the pattern, I used the long length for the front and extra long length for the back, which is evident in the centre shot below. The sleeve cuff has rib, shown left, whilst the hemline is Corrugate Garter - 2 rows st-st, 2 rows, as this is knitted by rows.
Zig Zag Sweater knitted sideways.
Why knit sideways - it takes the cables and zig zag stitches across the chest instead of vertically.
The pattern that dicates the number of rows across the chest is the large basket stitch 15sts and 20rows- which sits between 4st cables. So the chest width is multiplies of 20 rows, adjusted with the smaller scale basket stitch at side seam edges.
The length is created by the stitch count, the top of the garment has the small basket stitch into which the neck shaping is worked, at the hem CG Corrugated Garter 2 rows st-st, 2 rows (Reverse stocking stitch) create the look of a rib, I have only make this very shallow detail.
The right shoulder has a button detail, which continues along the edge of the collar. Armhole trim maybe added to the vest armhole - again optional.
Coco Stepped Capelet
Coco Capelet is created from Mitres, so there are no seams in this piece. This piece is a cross between a capelet and a drape. The capelet design to date have been pointed centre back, whilst this piece, shown right, has a straight hemline at the back.
It's knitted in Azteca fine, which is an 8ply/ DK weight, and is varigated with tones of red and tones of blue through the 2 colours, which combine to craete the look of may colours combined.

The pictures below show Vee capelet and a drape design, so you can see how this piece falls between to the two.

Left: Miami Drape. Right Coco Vee from book.
Winter 2017
New for winter 2017
Byron A line Cardicoat with deep pockets

Cabled  Chaffey Jacket.

Pandora Jacket
Below  Zig Zag Swagger two tone - this gives a long line version as the Windsor Jacket
Winter 2016
New for winter 2016
Stitched Up Jacket in 2 length options with button back detail and patch pockets.
Billy Drape Jacket knitted sideways with 2 length options.
Windsor Jacket, styled as an English riding Jacket with shaped panels, and knitted in 2 colour combinations.
Stitched Up Jacket short/ long
Stitched Up Jacket is available in 2 length options.
Short length as shown in reds left and
Long length shown in greys above.
Check you are ordering the length you require, as 2 separate web pages short and long.
Billy Drape Jacket
Billy Drape Jacket - Cream and Sequioa Green are knitted in size 2, which is shorter than the Stone Fleck which is size 3. If requiring longer length in smaller sizes then size 3 length maybe knitted to size 1 chest, pattern gives these options and kit includes sufficent yarn for longest length.
Windsor Jacket
Windsor Jacket designed to look like an English riding jacket, with side vents and tailored into the waist, which is most apparent in front bands when knitted in the two colour combination. This can also be knitted as a single colour garment.
Restyling Blocks Cardigan to create a Jacket style

Winter 2015
Ready for winter downunder!
I have new designs, Amelia Swagger (right), Abbey Poncho, Ruby Swagger, Mitre Stepped Poncho and the smaller Mitre Stepped Cowl.

I have restyled the Split Texture Cardigan into a the new Split Texture Jacket styling with a collar. Plus July last year I finally got the Nomad Swagger and Mitred Shona Jacket off the needles, so images for those designs too. 

Dora Jacket, new 2014, has several new colourways and also a new colourway for the Coco Shawl Panel Cardigan.

We are adding new colours to the range, and a new Fleck yarn, still pure New Australian Wool.
If you'd like a free shade card just email

We had a rainy day for photography so headed under cover at Amanada's house. The two little girls wanted to join in the photo shoot - the two new designs Mitre Stepped Poncho and the Mitre Stepped Cowl in Red - though these were designed as adult sized they worked perfectly for the girls.

Left below the larger Mitre Stepped Poncho in Grey and in Red Grey the Cowl version, which sit higher to the neck. They are two individual knitting kits, and I am happy to send you a shade card if you'd like to put your own colours together.

Below again a few shots of the Abbey Poncho in the new Fleck yarn colour Stone, plus the Chaffey Midi length Jacket in the Granite colourway of the new Fleck yarn.


Above: Abbey Stepped Ponchoknitted sideways in my new yarn 'Fleck' Pure New Wool colour Stone. 

Left and Right: Ruby Swagger in Light Olive, as you can see there is lots of ease over the hip and a neat fit over the shoulders. The A line shaping is created with decrease panels between cabes. 
Below Chaffey Midi Jacket (this also comes in a longer length) Left Fleck yarn colour Granite, it's not quite black and not quite brown - this was introduced last year and has been really popular. Right Chaffey Midi Jacket in new colour Green Marl, which isn't flecked but isn't a solid colour - shot shows the centre back button down detail. Both Jackets shown below have the round neck, pattern also includes a Vee Shawl collar too.
Above: Split texture Jacket, (doesn't time fly when you are having fun!). I have restyled this into a Jacket with the high collar, wider button band and replaced the triangle buttons with square handmade. The original Split Texture Cardigan design (still available) has 2 lengths centre purple and green.
Both the original Split Texture and the new Jacket version have the short row shaping making centre front and back longer.
More Mitred Designs
The Mitred Shona Jacket was completed July, so got it's first showing at Glebe Island in Sydney. Two lengths Long as greys and short as Aubergine/Khaki combination. Combination of four colours.

Below: The Nomad Swagger, this again made the last couple of shows of the year, but has only just been loaded to the site.
Swagger means A line Shaping and this piece like the Mitre Shina above is knitted back first. Nomad has two main colours and a highlight, which is used only in the Mitre panel and sleeves, but is then picked up into the hand made square buttons on the front.
Left: New colourway option for the Coco Shawl Panel Cardigan - this was the first design created with Mitres into the back of the garment.

Right: Mitre Tally Ho Jacket, this short length is a fitted style and has been really popular.

The new Mitre Shona Jacket design is styled as a Blazer with a touch of A line into the hip of the longer length.
Nomad Swagger has a generous and obvious A line shaping, and pattern fronts are worked with short row shaping.
New Colours and Colourways
Dora Jacket from 2014 
These all look a little wild together!

Hopefully this has been loaded to the site - this is the longer length in this design, with the option of just a touch of A line into the hip.

New Colour:
left with the Olive and Light Grey, also in the grey combination and red grey combination.
'New Blue' Above with Light Olive, Khaki and Steel.

New Colours
New colours added to the Signatur Pure New Wool range, shown in Amelia Swagger design.
Left to right: New Split Red which is a mix of Wine and Brick combined with Aubergine; Two new greys Smoke and Cloud, we still have the light grey - cloud is slightly blue. Jade Green shiwn here in combination with Peacock; New Blue paired with Aegean.
Please email with your street address if you would like a free shade card.

Winter 2014 
Signatur Handknits offer both ready-to-wear hand knitted garments plus made to measure to your own colour selection.
Pick up your needles and order a knitting kit.

Sign up for Signatur bi monthly newsletter or 'like' at
Jane Slicer-Smith Works from her Sydney studio.
March to August shows in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne over the Southern Hempishere winter.

Signatur Studio is open Tuesday to Saturday, it's best to email Jane and check she isn't interstate at a show. Check out the calendar of shows for 2014.
NEW 2014            NOMAD JACKET Ready to wear $535. Kit $205
Nomad Jacket, as all Signatur styles there are length and sizing options. Shown right in the Short length, Nomad Jjacket is also available in a Midi 63cm and Long length 70cm.

There are cables in the white pattern of the sleeve, in black at the side seams and as part of the double  moss stitch front bands.

For knitter's questioning the complexity of the knitting, I call this simple Intarsia. The zig zag pattern each side of the front band and the sleeve are both repeats. The Zig Zag increases by 1 stitch every row, then 1 less stitch every row achieving the Zig Zag.
NEW 2014     AMELIA JACKET   Ready to wear $455 kit $210
Amelia Jacket in khaki & Light Olive, Buttoned up flying jacket Amelia Jacket in Steel & Aegean, Buttoned once with lapel Amelia Jacket back with split colour and uneven hemline.
Below left close up detail of the back of the Amelia jacket. The Zig Zag patt between cables is worked symetrically on both fronts, whilst the back is Asymetric. The right side of the back has a sloped hem, worked with short rows and woven basket stitch. Back top right has Celtic Cross pattern, before re commencing the woven basket stitch. Jacket is completed with handmade buttons.

Below centre and right new colourway for the Mitre Tally Ho Jacket/ Vest Ready to wear $415 Kit $190
Front has short row shaping creating the peaked hemline, trimmed with handmade buttons picking clours from the back of the garment.
    NEW 2014      Dora Jacket   Ready to wear $565 Kit $220

Dora Jacket the two garments left are the Midi length approc 62cm both with a six colour combination; st right shows the Dora Jacket in the 4 colour combination long length approx 70cm.
Though they look like a stand jacket shape they are knitted with an optional touch of A line into the hip, adding 3" in total fit at hip. Dora is also available in a short length, still to be photographed (still on the needles!). When ordering a knitting kit there are 3 different pages per the garment length Short, Midi and Long individually priced. Garment from $545 to $590 for lng length Knitting kit $$215 to $245
   NEW 2014        Millar A Line Coat     Ready to wear $535 Kit $235
Millar A line Coat, stunning to wear and a pretty simple knit - well enough going on to keep you well entertained! There are 6 chest sizes to choose from for the long A line coat. Front and back side seams have cables, as does the centre of the sleeves. The button band is worked in corrugaterd garter (mock rib) knitted as one with the front of the garment. The round neck shown is standard or can be knitted with a high deeper collar. Garment $$535 Knitting kit $235 includes pattern, yarn and handmade buttons.
Mitre Tally Ho Vest and Jacket - new colours - hope I get them loaded in time - if you can't find them email jane! Left is Midnight with Cherry, Wine and Claret. Right Main colour Fox.
Above the Mitre Tally Ho Jacket and Vest has three new colourways added to the selection.
Below with Aubergine and Turkish Blue combination.
Jacket knitted $415 knitting kit $200; Vest $325 knitting kit $170
Buckingham Vest and Jacket.         Ready to wear jacket $395 Kit $165. Vest $345 Kit $135

Left The Buckingham Vest has finally become the Buckingham Jacket.

This was one of the most popular designs last year for Jane. The sleeve design which reflects the shaping in the back is achieved with decreases, which required some crafting when incorporating the sleeve increases.

Knitted from the front edge, casting on the extra stitches for the Bell edge. The front is then knitted sideways to armhole cast off and then side seam.
The back is knitted hem up, with the centre back detail of bells worked with short row shaping. Bobbles across shoulders are repeated into the sleeve head pattern.

Shona Jacket garment $515 Kit  $225. and Shona Swagger Ready to wear $555 Kit $235
the original Shona Jacket is available with shawl collar as shown or a standard round neck.
The Shona Swagger has A line shaping with shawl collar or round neck collar options as shown.
Tibet A Line shown in Pure New Wool Garment $575 Kit $275
Blocks Cardgan and Sweater the colourways are endless as are the yarn combinations! Available in 3 length options with round or Vee neck, or as a sweater (right) with the Cowl neck, as shown, round neck, high neck and grandpa buttondown. Garment from $580 to $610  Knitting kit $280 to $310
Times Cable Swing in Blues and purple with new Vee Shawl collar.
Right Tudor Swagger in Ebony colour combination garment $645 knitting kit $295
Diamond Cable Swing a true favourite. Choice of Vee Shawl collar, round neck, round neck with collar and fringe (right) and wide shawl collar not shown.


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