How to order

The simple steps to buying your, kit, pattern or garment

It's easy to purchase a Signatur Handknits knitting kit, pattern, finished garment or yarn - and your credit card won't be charged the total amount until your purchase has been despatched.

Kits and Patterns: For kits and patterns, all you need to do is find the colourway or colour page for the design you love, then simply click "Add to Cart" and complete the purchase.

Yarns: Once again, simply select the Style of yarn, the colour and click "Add to cart"
You can keep going back and forth, adding more yarns as you find the ones you love, or if you are making a scarf of mixed yarns.

Finished Garments: When you find the colourway or colour in the design you love, Simply make a note of the Design and colourway (and the Product ID if you can) click the "Contact Jane" and you will go to a request page. Fill in the details then submit them to Jane, and she will contact you regarding sizings or colour variations.

Once the order is confirmed, you proceed to checkout as if you are ordering a kit.

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