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Fibre: Australian Wool
Available Lengths:
80cm/31" to 86cm/34" - hip 91cm/36" to 137cm/54"
Available Sizes:
4 sizes:81cm/32" to 122cm/48"
Available Necklines: Round
Texture: Cables
Buttons: Triangles in 3 colous to match
Skill Level: 5 (Colour lovers)
knitting colour from a graph

Product ID:TDSW-0160

Falling leaves between contrasting cables.
Midnight base with Autumn leaves, acorns and berries

How to Order
Currency conversion on completion of mailing details

All knitting kits include sufficient yarn to knit the largest size and the longest lengthA$295.00
The pattern contains full instructions for knitting all lengths, sizes and neckline optionsA$75.00
To order, please contact Jane via email/fax/phone. Jane will discuss design and size options. A 50% deposit is required to then confirm the order. Allow 10-12 weeks to knit. Balance will be charged on despatch. A$845.00

Design: Tudor

Swingcoats are commenced as a one-size pattern, decreases create sizing with length and size variations. Knitting instructions are accompanied by A3 graphs: two graphs for the body and one for the sleeve. Graphs are large and bold in black-and-white for easy use. The graphs show the design of leaves, each square being a stitch, also decreased stitches to be worked to shape the coat. As with many of Jane's designs the styling and shaping is quite unique and extremely rewarding.

Technique: Intarsia

Tension: 22.5sts to 10cm om 4mm ndls

Intarasia and Fairisle. Two different techniques. Fairisle is the technique of carrying yarn behind stitches whilst working a second color. Traditionally used for pattern repeats. It should only be used for small areas of color within picture knitting. In this case I use it on the veins of the leaves, carrying the main color of the leaf behind the color of the stem. This is quite easy over 1 or 2 stitches of the stems. See Knitting techniques.

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