Fibre: Australian Wool
Available Lengths:
71cm/28" to 78cm/30"
Available Sizes:
3 sizes: 89cm/35" to 112cm/44"
Available Necklines: Round
Texture: Stocking stitch.
Skill Level: 5 (Colour lovers)
Color knitting from a graph

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Style:Coats & Kimonos
Design:Living Reef

Dive into the 'The Living Reef ' ocean of Flora and fauna

Come and scuba dive in an ocean of Flora and Fauna off the Great Barrier Reef: featuring lobster, crabs, sea urchins, star fish, sting rays with sea horses, fish, octopus and dolphins swimming amongst coral and sea grasses.


Design: Living Reef

The living reef design is worked from written instructions combined with large A3 size graphs, which are bold black and white and easy to follow. Colours are given as A, B, C, etc. Some small areas of colour are given as a symbol. There is a separate graph per garment piece.

Technique: Intarsia

Tension: 22.5sts to 10cm om 4mm ndls

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