Fibre: Australian Wool
Available Lengths:
57-62cm/ 22-24½"
Available Sizes:
6 chest sizes to fit 32-46"/ 81-117cm.
Available Necklines: Round
Texture: Textured stitch pattern repeats
Skill Level: 4 (Ready for a challenge)
Graph work per piece, use of cable needle for pattern and cable

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Design:Killarney Short cardigan

Thistle, leafs and bell sticthes bring texture to life

This is the short length in this style, also see Killarney long on this cardigan page and the Swagger - coats on navigation bar. As with the long length a touch of A line can be added into the side panels of this design. The Swagger ha s an addition 8 to 10" in the hip.
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Design: Killarney Short cardigan

There is a graph per stitch pattern from Thistle on the back and front, with the lace leaf opposite and bells of two sizes on the shoulders.

Technique: Aran

Tension: 22sts 10cm/4"

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