Fibre: Australian Wool
Available Lengths:
4 length options 60cm to 78cm
Available Sizes:
5 chest sizes 32" to 52"
Available Necklines: Round
Texture: cables, traveling stitches and bobbles
Skill Level: 4 (Ready for a challenge)
Lots happening but fun to knit!

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Style:Sweaters & jumpers
Design:Dublin Jumper

Heritage stitches new styling

Traditional and not so traditional stitches are worked in columns between crab claw cables. This has 4 length options, as well as 5 chest sizes. Photographed as an over size piece you can choose to knit a more conventional fit if you wish. i have priced this as the Long length ( as shown there is also an Extra long length).
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Design: Dublin Jumper

The stitch patterns are given as both written instructions and graphs. All are pretty simple stitch patterns combinations of K2tog and yarn over to make a stitch for Chevron pattern. Bobbles, Celtic cross and Leaf Lace - this is the only pattern that changes the stitch count, as increases are worked before decrease rows. These stitch patterns are combined with st-st, Reverse st-st and Double Moss stitch. 

Technique: Aran

Tension: 21sts to 10cm/4

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