Fibre: Australian Wool
Available Lengths:
76cm to 94cm.
Available Sizes:
5 sizes: 32" to 50"
Available Necklines: High Vee
Texture: Garter Mitres
Skill Level: 3 (Experienced)
Striped Mitres

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Style:Coats & Kimonos
Design:Coco A line Coat

A Chevron of Mitres, styled into a slight A line

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Jane has created this stunning coat with just a touch of A line shaping, which allows flow over the hip but still brings with it a neat fit, like a jacket, over the shoulders.



Design: Coco A line Coat

Mitres are so simple and so rewarding: they're just stripes in garter stitch with a simple decrease. There are no seams in the body of the garment, except for the shoulder seams! The Coco A line has a variegated fine 5ply yarn, combined with 7 colours in Signatur Pure New Wool, this combination creates a fabric that will softly drapes.
Starting from one Mitre square, stitches are picked and cast on from one mitre to the next. The body is knitted from a diagram which shows the sequence in which to work the mitres. The sleeves are knitted with a centre panel of mitres and the sides are shaped for a fitted sleeve.

Technique: Mitre

Tension: 22.5sts to 10cm/4" on 4mm 6 ndls

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