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Mon, 8 Apr 2024


On the road again...
...time to cast on your next project
2024 Winter Events
Heading to Canberra, Melbourne & back to Sydney
I am super, super well stocked with lots of colours, loads of designs and sizes for every body. So much choice for both ready made garments and knitting kits. I am still offering made to measure too: please allow 12 to 14 weeks.
Orders in May will be ready in August. 
What's on where...

Handmade Market Canberra Sat 6th - Sun 7th April
EPIC Northbourne Ave, Canberra

AQC Australasian Quilt Convention Melbourne
Carlton Gardens Thurs 11th - Sun 14th April

Woodstock Artisan Market Sun 5th May
Fitzroy Hall part of Woodstock House in Sydney
22 Church St, Burwood. 10am - 3pm.

Old Bus Depot Market Canberra Woolweek 
2 days Sat 18th - Sun 19th May

Coal Loaders Artisan Market Sun 2nd June
2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton, Sydney 9.30am - 3pm.

New Design: Harvest Cardigan
I hope you love it as much as I do!
I started swatching for this design last September. I wanted the centre back Apple Tree to sit between the shoulders, with smaller trees - Pear Trees - on the lower body. It always sounds so simple, the fronts took a little bit more teasing into place.
Of course there are 8 chest sizes and two length options in the pattern. Knitting-wise the patterns starts with the sleeve, this allows you to become familar with the Pear Tree and cables.
The length options are created  between the Pear Trees and The Apple Tree. To create the boxy Jacket feel, the cuff and body have a K2, P1 rib. However, to function well the neckband is K2, P2 rib. The pattern is written row by row and supported by graphs and diagrams.
Shop @ Shopify & be inspired @

As I move across to the Shopify online store platform you can still visit which will continue as my design archive and allow you to order by card at or click to my Shopify site for card or Paypal.

Patterns are still available on by clicking on a colourway or the rainbow colour band to purchase a pattern or kit. 
Winter 2024 pops with colour: from accessories & wraps to swingcoats
Above: Muffin Top Hat in Dark Denim.
Right: Wicked Hat in Mustard Fleck Pure Wool.
Hats and Wraps can all be knitted in Pure Wool or Verve 12ply 53% Wool, 47% man-made.

Below: Basket Stitch Wrap in Verve 12ply, colour Aqua.
Centre: Blocks Jacket, with collar and pockets, the coat of many colours knitted in Wool and Mohair, occassionaly with Alpaca too
Below right: Byron Aline Coat in Steel/Grey.
The winter of our knitcontent - aahhh
I'm looking forward to being part of markets with the focus on locally-made (in my case, Australian-made).
I'm also looking forward to seeing the many friends who sell their fabulous local origin and locally made goods alongside me. We ask you to support local ideas and your local community.

Above: Digit Tabard with knitted on fringe on the armhole edge and the collar - a great, quirky piece
Right: Wave Wrap knitted in Verve Aqua

Below: Byron Aline with lovely deep pockets
Centre: Coco Shawl Panel Cardigan.
Right: Coco Slub Aline Coat.

Signatur Handknits
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Signatur Studio in Sydney 0427 064 834
Just give Jane a call and set a mutual time for a visit

Signatur Tech Talk - Short Rows
Short rows have many, varied applications. So let's take a look at hemlines and accessories using short rows.
The sloped hemline of the Split Texture Jacket is created with short row shaping.
Short rows are also worked into the back neck of my shawl collars, making the outer edge longer, as below on the Stitched Up Jacket. 

Most knitters will learn short rows when turning the heel on their first pair of socks or booties.

On YouTube you'll find a multitude of ways to work short rows! 

The Wave Wrap below knitted in Azteca really showcases both the yarn and the short row technique. The Wave Wrap is really popular for its versatile wearing options. Below is a step by step, on the needles explanation of short rows when I use them to create my wrap.
The wave scarf (below right) is knitted with short rows. Short rows create wedges, I have knitted one left facing wedge, then 2 right facing wedges to give a horse-shoe shaped curve to the scarf.
Short rows are simply incomplete rows. They have so many uses, and there are so many methods you can choose to achieve similar results.

The images below will step you through short rows. If you want to pick up your needles and have a try, you can use any yarn and any needles. It's garter stitch knit all rows.

Cast on 17sts. Obviously the image below shows I am part-way through the scarf, having already worked several wedges. 
Above left: So with 17sts cast on, work only 15sts for your first short row.
The piece is garter st so knit all rows so the yarn is at the back of the work.
Above centre: Bring the yarn between the needles to the front of the knitting.
Above right: Slip next stitch left to right needle without working the stitch.
Below left: Take yarn back between needles (single unworked stitch on left needle).
Below centre: Turn knitting to wrong side so the single unworked stitch is now on right needle.
Below right: Slip the next stitch left to right needle (same stitch previously slipped).
Take yarn between needles and knit to last stitch.
Zig Zag edge of scarf is created by increasing stitches at the end of the wrongside row - a full row. When we cast the increase stitch off we create the points of the zig zag. 
Work wrongside row (full row) until 1 stitch remains unworked. 
Above left: Pick up the yarn from between the stitches of the previous row. Can you see how large this loop can be pulled, leaving a hole?
Above centre: Knit through the back of the loop for a firm stitch, no hole.
Above right: Increase stitch completed, knit last stitch of row.
Short Row in Summary
Row 1: K15 left 2sts unworked - we slipped and wrapped the 16th stitch, the 17th stitch was unworked on left needle.
Row 2: Knit to the last stitch, M1 = make 1sts, K1 = 18sts.
Repeat Row 1: K15sts - as we have 18sts this will leave 3sts unworked - wrap and slip the next stitch - so 2sts unworked.
Row 4: As row 2 knit to last stitch M1, K1 = 19sts.
Repeat twice more = 21sts - this means you have worked 4 short rows and 4 increases.
Beginning of next short row cast off 4sts (Below left). K11 (instead of 15sts). (below centre). At this point it's really good to look at the stitches over the row. Can you tell which stitches have been wrapped? You'll learn so much simpler by looking at the knitting. You'll make fewer mistakes and when you do make a mistake you'll find fixing it is so much easier!
Repeat short rows and increases. After next 4sts cast off K7 to next wrap stitch.
Complete 3rd cast off 4sts (right centre). Continue row after cast off, K4, the next 11sts have wrap at base of each slipped stitch.
The slip stitch and the wrap below need to be knitted as one stitch. 
Left below: With point of right needle pick up the wrap at base of stitch, then knit the stitch, shown centre. Lift the wrap (brighter stitch on right needle) over knit stitch.
Below right: This has been knitted without knitting the wrap and the stitch so there are holes / elongated stitches.
Above right: You can see how, when the wrap and the stitch are knitted together, there are no holes along each section of the wedge.
How do I find Signatur patterns on the website?
The easiest way to find which patterns are available is to go to the horizontal navigation bar at the top of and select Designs A-Z After you've found what you're looking for and want to order a pattern you must select a colour (the pattern option was added later on the site). You need to pick a colour for single colour designs by clicking on the rainbow. For multi colour designs simply click on a colourway. If you buy a pattern and decide at a later date you want the knitting kit the cost of the pattern is deducted from the price of the knitting kit. The knitting kit includes yarn and buttons.
Swing, Swagger, Drape is now a USB stick

Out of print as a book!
NOW on a USB stick!
Simply slide into your computer, see every page of the book, print out just the pattern you need!
Perfectly packaged AUD$40
Frida Takes out knitting prize for
Orna in annual Florida show
Orna in Florida has sent me some great shots as she progressed through her Frida Khalo Jacket. I designed this as an indulgence for myself, and you have surprised me with the number of knitting kits you have bought - and completed! There are obviously plenty of avid Intarsia knitters out there!
Orna is pictured below modelling her Jacket. We did add a little extra into the hip so the fit is fantastic. The sleeve was a touch long but Orna remedied this by running a thread across the shoulders and back neck to ease the garment in across the shoulders. This narrows the shoulder and subsequently shortens the sleeve.
Hope to see you soon!
 If you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter - or anything at all, please email Jane. Thanks for your support - Laura, Petra, Philippa, Cathryn, Helen, Margaret, Emily, Jacinta and I look forward to seeing you in the knitting circle!


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