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Sat, 28 Aug 2021


Colour, Texture & Techniques
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My new website is taking shape!
Above: Shona Sweater. Below: Pippa Sweater, Blocks Sweater & Shona.
Design is all about detail: from colour & collars to pattern & texture. And of course beautiful,
quality wool and cotton yarns...
I love playing with collar detail: it's the element that can clinch a design choice. It's dramatic to photograph a high collar, but my designs always have collar & length options. The Pippa Sweater button-up shoulder detail lets you wear the collar open. All these collars are round but also slightly wider than average. This lets the neckband be 3cm deep or 15cm as a high collar. Hemline and rib details are a key element too, my side seam cables when seamed create a cable matching the cables within the body of the knitting.
10% OFF knitting kits, yarns and knitting patterns
Coco Shawl Panel Cardigan (below)
New Website

New Images

New Designs

New Yarns

New Colours

New Knit Classes

I'm back teaching from my studio with Knitters Magazine and mybook publisher - XRX
These are both 2 hour classes, I will post the link for booking them. You are welcome to email me if you would like a personal update when bookings open.
Dates are October 8th to 10th. 

Class 1: Simple Intarsia 
Class 2: Knitting Garments from Mitres
US CT 7pm to 9pm Fri 8th & Sat 9th
Australian time 11am to 1pm Sat 9th & Sun 10th
Zoom Intarsia Class October
USA Fri 8th 7 - 9pm/ Sydney Sat 9th 11am - 1pm
For a knitter, the wrong side of the knitting also tells a story
The Bee Bee Jacket is knitted in Intarsia with a ball/ length of yarn per area of colour. The top left image shows how this twisting/interlocking looks on the wrongside of the knitting.  Simple Intarsia, like the Bee Bee Jacket, can be knitted from a diagram rather than a graph. My class will cover how to join and interlock colours, additionally interlocking colours for a multi-colour cast on as shown left. 
Zoom Knitting Garments with Mitres Class October: USA, Saturday 9th 7 - 9pm (CT)
Sydney, Sunday 10th 11am - 1pm

Knitting Mitres is quite simple, garment construction with Mitres is also simple but is quite different.

This two hour class gives you an up close look at garments, some designs almost totally made with Mitres and many using panels of Mitres. 

The image right shows the Mitre Tally Ho Jacket, with stitches picked up to allow for shoulder shaping. 

The class is about garment construction so homework before the class is essential. The homework will be emailed prior to the class, and can be completed after the class.


Below: Coco Aline Mid: Mitre Vee Capelet Right: Mitred Drape Vest

Let these fabulous yarns work for you
10% OFF knitting kits, yarns and knitting patterns

Step by Step instruction in my patterns on short rows for the Wave Wrap.

These pieces have been really popular and make fabulous gifts, both as a knitting kit or as the finished piece.

Top Left: Circular Cowl

Top right: Muffin Top Hat
Left: Wave Wrap

Mobile Websites
my designs will migrate from & to the new, mobile, paypal, credit card & ApplePay-friendly shopify website. and
Ozeyarn offers Paypal and cards 
Diamond Tunic and Diamond Sweater.
10% OFF knitting kits, yarns and knitting patterns
 If you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter - or anything at all, please email Jane. Thanks for your support - Laura, Petra, Philippa, Helen, Cathryn, Stephanie, Dodie, Anne, and I look forward to seeing you in the knitting circle!

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