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Sat, 23 May 2020


Tempting colours to
brighten your day
10% OFF EVERYTHING! Kits & Garments!
Signatur's Sydney Studio is open again: one customer at a time, by appointment

Come on into my Sydney Studio to enjoy a wonderful handknit experience where you'll almost touch heaven. If you can't make it that far at the moment, then second best is having a look at what I have available in finished garments - in stock and online.
With 100's of designs available you'll find the perfect style, colourway, collar and length to add bling to your favourite combo, or maybe something in black, cream or a single colour to revive your most admired outfit.

Follow links below to see ready made stock for sale
(that means finished garments, available now, in many sizes, collars, colours and lengths: all ready to buy!)
Introducing NEW WEB PAGES for
Ready to Wear & Knitting Classes
Without craft shows on the horizon I am working online.
Ready to Wear garments and Knitting Classes

Newsletters may be more frequent as I introduce both garment stock and knitting classes. I am still looking forward to the newsletter in which I announce my come-back show for Winter 2020

Last year my faithful Chrysler notched up 200,000 Craft show kilometres doing what I love, traveling to shows to meet knitters and lovers of hand knits & hand knitting. 

For safety sake, please note the speedo is NOT in miles per hour - and my passenger took the photo!


Ready to Wear - colours and sizes in stock
with sizing chart & measurements per garment.

Multi-Coloured Jackets & Cardigans
Single Colour Jackets & Cardigans
Mitres Multi-Coloured Designs
Swingcoats - Single & Multi- Coloured
Cardi-Coats & Swagger A line Coats

Knitting Classes 
Swatch 1 Texture Class
Penny Jacket
Split Texture Jacket.
10% off garments, knitting kits & patterns.
til 20th June 2020

The new ready to wear page shows garments I'm carrying in stock. It will be updated regularly with new designs, styles and colourways.

Meantime please search A-Z Design Index on the horizontal navigation bar top of page to see all my designs. If something takes your fancy I'll send you images & sizes of garments in stock, in this design.

Above & left: Blocks Jacket with collar & pockets plus the original round neck style Blocks Cardigan. These range from Small/Med to fit 8 to 12 and M/L for sizes 14 to 18, & sizes in-between. 

Blocks: Ready made A$645 less 10% $580.50. Knitting kit $285 less 10% (patt, yarn & buttons).

Below Bee Bee Jacket - In stock blues, grey and red in a couple of sizes, the greens are a new colourway for  Winter 2020.
Bee Bee Jacket long length: A$580 less 10% $522. 
Bee Bee Jacket Knitting kit A$285 less 10% - pattern, yarn & buttons.
Knitting kits for both the Blocks Jacket/ Cardigan and Bee Bee Jacket come in several colourways.
In Blocks I currently have about 20 ready made garments in stock, each one a different colour,
combination and size. I am always creating new colourways which aren't all up on the site and it'a also a chance for knitters to see more colourways.
Each garment has a stock number/ID which identifies the garment, per order or if you're making an enquiry. All ready made enquires will come via a message and we can further discuss size & length options. email me.
I am always happy to send a free shade card and fringes for colourways.
New page
Knitting Techniques Classes
Technique classes for both colour
work and textured stitches
I have classes that will step you into texture very gently: and some that'll really make you think!

This means you can choose a class to help you up-skill like the Swatch 1 (swatch below left) & Penny Jacket Class (swatch below right)

Or test your skills to the limit with the Split Texture Jacket Class (right) with short rows and traveling stitches.
Texture re-awakens the pleasure and satisfaction you felt when you finished your first project!
Some technique Classes like Swatch 1 Texture are about stitches or colour, whilst other classes will relate to a particular design, be it the simple Penny Jacket or the quirky Split Texture Jacket with short row shaping on the hemline.

The objective of each class is to help you understand as well as read your stitches on the needles so, at a glance, you'll know if the next stitch is a Knit or a Purl. Plus additional notes explaining the reason I use certain stitch patterns for functional objectives on a design.

Adding texture(s) to a design adds milestones, so you can see your progress.
Swatch 1 Texture has 18 rows per pattern, then you change pattern and see the project progressing far more than plain stocking stitch.

Knitting classes will be supported one on one by email.
Swatch 1 Texture (above left) is a lesson in stitch    textures & how stitch textures alter row and stitch tension. I use many of these stitch patterns in designs, the Woven Basket (second from the top of the swatch) in the Millar A line Coat (right). There are other stitch patterns I never use, and the classes give me a chance to explain why. See below scarf option for class.
Above right swatch, the Penny Jacket Swatch has cables, stocking stitch, reverse st-st and the buttonband in CG - Corrugated Garter - st-st 2 rows and Reverse st-st 2 rows = 4 row repeat. Every pattern is used in this design.
Swatches allow you to test a design/stitch pattern, giving you confidence to start a garment. 

Swatch 1 Texture:
 (Left) has seven stitch pattern, between each 18 row block of pattern. A 4 row garter ridge, marked by the pink pins, worked between each stitch pattern. 

You can see this garter ridge applied to the
Millar A-line (above) between the stitch pattern changes. 

Close-ups below left with garter stitch, rib and Double Moss. Below centre with Woven Basket stitch as used in the Chaffey Jacket (below left). Also the CG - Corrugated Garter used for the button bands for both the Penny JacketMillar A-line and Chaffey Jacket.
Get Swatch 1 for free
Penny & Split Texture classes are A$5
If you order the kit the class comes free

At this time of social isolation I want to give everybody the chance to explore and upskill their knitting so I'm offering
Swatch 1 Texture as a free download (left sample above & below)
Kit for Swatch 1 scarf A$30 (US$20) with sufficient yarn to knit the swatch & scarf.

Penny Jacket Class (below) will be A$5 (US$3.25).

This cost will be redeemable against any knitting kit on 

Below right: 
Swatch 1 Texture - original sample knitted on 4mm needles and larger knitted in 8ply double thickness on 10mm needles for the fabulous chunky scarf. Both just 20sts wide. 
The swatch pdf will be emailed to you
Penny Jacket: simple elegance
with a touch of texture
We all want to knit something that is rewarding,
wearable and achievable
  Penny Jacket is simply stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch divided by cables. The Penny Jacket Class swatch has 4st cables and the Corrugated Garter, which is used for the button band. Two 4st cables are combined centre back and centre sleeve to create the 8st wheat sheaf cable. The side seams of the body each have a 4st cable. As you join the side seam you again have the wheat sheaf cable. Second swatch, as part of this class, includes a second swatch to work the pocket detail.

The classes all include additional explanatory details per design and all the reasons why I use these technquies as design elements.
Penny Jacket knitting instruction has three neckline options. The knitting class includes the Vee neck Shaping detail as you can see on  the Red garment right.

Right - round neck high collar, as shown in cream above.

Centre Vee Shawl collar blazer style turn back collar.

Left Vee Shawl Vee shaping with high collar.
Coming Soon..... 
Colour Knit class will be next: watch this space and Facebook too....
The colour class starts with simple vertical colour joins and then zig zags - the swatch and instructions take you step by step, all the way.
I have just updated the 'Techniques' page which covers lots of different knitting from lace to fairisle.
Mean time, why not let the colours do the talking while you just enjoy the knitting
If you just want to relax and let the yarn do the talking, I have some new colours in Azteca and Azteca Fine. Top 4 images are new colours in the Azteca in the chunky weight, 3 lower Azteca Fine. The scarf link is for the knitting class Textures 1.
Links will take you to my Ozeyarn website where you can see all the colours and options. Purchase yarn or kit with the pattern and the yarn.
10% off until 20th June 2020
Follow Signatur Handknits on Facebook -
it's where you'll find all the show updates and reminders!
Below: Cowls and scarves as knitting kits.
 If you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter - or anything at all, please email Jane. Thanks for your support - Laura, Petra, Philippa, Cathryn, Helen and I look forward to seeing you in the knitting circle!

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