Signatur May 2018 Newsletter 87

Tue, 1 May 2018


Classic Creams: impossible to resist!
So irresistible, you'll want to feel them, try them, fit them and knit them: Classic Cream, part of the Signatur Handknits Winter 2018 range (incl. the Penny Jacket below) at shows in Canberra, Sydney & Bendigo from this weekend.
first Canberra...
May 5th & 6th Handmade Market EPIC
Handmademarket Canberra

May 19th & 20th Wool Weekend
Old Bus Depot Market Canberra

...then Sydney
May 27th Coal Loaders Market
Waverton - All Australian Made 

20th - 24th June Quilt Fair
Darling Harbour
New for Winter 2018 (above left) the gorgeously creamy Penny Jacket, also available in more than 50 of Signatur's Pure New Wool classic yarn colours.
and talking of yarn,
please welcome Gomitolo Merino

Gomitolo Merino is 100% Virgin Wool 8ply variegated and comes in in 4 colours with pattern options requiring 2 x 50g balls for hats and scarfs and 4 balls for the stunning short row wave wrap.
Victoria's premier wool event
Save the date for the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show
 - a great long weekend away from the big smoke
July 20th to 22nd (Friday to Sunday)
Turning a casual cardigan into a Jacket... reducing or eliminating the rib bands
and adding a shawl collar you'll create a classic Jacket
You'll notice I don't really use traditional ribbed bands, that is K1, P1 rib which hug the garment to the hips, which is traditional on sweaters and cardigans and repeated on cuffs and collars. 

Instead, I like to create Jacket styles to be garments you can wear out to dinner rather than something cozy for the weekend. So, lose the rib band and add a shawl collar and we have a classic styled blazer.

Of course there's nothing like a cosy cardigan or sweater
Centre below Patchwork Cardigan (pattern A$35, kit A$225) with the round neck and triangle buttons, above as a Jacket. Left below Dublin Sweater (kit A$195) and right Blocks Jumper (pattern A$40, kit A$260) with a low and wide Cowl collar - the blocks have 4 collar options, as well as cardigan option.
Prices above are in Australian dollars. At present an A$225.00 kit is approx US$170.00, EUR140.00 or ST124.00 (plus shpping) so it's a great time to buy as the Australian dollar is weak.
A new year sees knitting kit patterns now available as the pattern option (*previously only available as the knitting kit with yarn, buttons and pattern).

Winter 2016 (you'll need to scroll down from 2018 to 2016) these 2016 designs and previous years are now available for purchase as patterns.
2016 includes the Stitched Up Jacket, Billy Drape and the Windsor Jacket.
Left from Winter 2015 Split Texture Jacket (patt $35, kit $215)

*It is my policy to sell new designs as knitting kit for 2 years, Signatur 8ply is a stunning yarn with superb stitch definition and shape retention and offers a range of more than 50 colours.

email Jane for a free shade card
To get samples of all Signature Pure New Wool yarns simply email me for a free shade card and yarn sample
Above Stitched Up Jacket now available as the knitting pattern $35 (kit short length $215)
Below Billy Drape available as knitting pattern $35 (kit $215)
Below right in Jacaranda and Ocean Zig Zag Swagger now has a two tone options (pattern $35 or kit $225). This two tone Zig Zag creates a long length A line version of the Windsor Jacket (pattern $35 or kit $215). The Zig Zag Swagger page still offers just the single colour option as a kit - but if you choose a colour I will come back to you with a two tone option - if in doubt about colour I can send you a free shade card
Below: Cowls and scarves as knitting kits.
3 x 100g balls of Azteca or 4 x 50g of Gomitolo Merino
and receive 3 free patterns.
Three Patterns are below: Circular Cowl, Wave Scarf and Yurt Hat/ Beret
Each pieces requires 1 x 100g balls of Azteca or 2 x 50g of Gomitolo.
Note: 3 x 100g Azteca/Azteca Fine will knit 3 pieces. 4 x 50g Gomitolo will knit 2 pieces - with this offer DO NOT order the pattern or the kit for these design: you only need to order the yarn by 100g ball or 50g ball. If you wish to knit more pieces simply add more balls.
 If you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter - or anything at all, please email Jane. Thanks for your support - Laura, Petra, Philippa, Helen and I look forward to seeing you in the knitting circle!

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