Signatur June 2018 Newsletter 88

Sat, 26 May 2018


New Accessory kits and stunning variegated yarn plus why Signatur kits have more size, length, hemline, cuff and collar options than any other patterns or designs.
Turramurra In Style Market
That Great Market
Sydney Art, Craft and Quilt Fair

Turramurra In Style Market - indoors
corner of Pacific Hwy and Turramurra Ave
First Sunday each month 3rd June

That Great Market - New indoor market
3rd Sunday of the month 17th June
Wellington St, East Lindfield Sydney

Sydney Art, Craft and Quilt Fair
June 20th to 24th - 5 days
TWO NEW SHOWS in Bendigo and Newcastle


July 20 - 22 Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show
Bendigo Showground

August 16 - 19 Newcastle NSW

Stitches & Craft Fair
Options for length, size, collar, cuff and hem give you kits that you'll love to knit and love, even more, to wear
Above right in Olive, the Ruby Swagger in the short length also has the shawl collar option. Left in Stone Fleck, again in short length with square collar. Centre below again in Olive shows the longer length with the shawl collar. The knitting pattern includes both collar styles and all length options.

Ruby Knitting kit short A$225/ long A$240 or as the pattern A$35
Knitting Kit is the pattern, yarn and handmade buttons.
For the longer length you'll need to order 2 extra 50g balls of yarn.

These shots show the A line shaping between the cables, hem to shoulder, Also, if you look closely below left you can see the side seam is off centre to the back next to the cable. 
Left shows the sleeve increase into the centre of the sleeve, mirroring the A line shaping in the body of the garment in order to widen the sleeves.

I am always thinking about the variations and options I can include in a design while I'm writting the pattern. There are always length options, to accommodate tall and not-so--tall ladies, plus neckline options too.

The colder the climate the higher the collar of course!

The Metro Coat, has three length options, designed with the round neck style, plus two collar options, extending the neck into a small collar as the blue example below, or a deep collar as the neutral tones. The right shows the wide collar worn open and the left image shows the same collar worn high - there is a button under the collar to hold it high and warm.
The images below show the length options left and right in neutral while the blues are the Swagger, or shortest length. The grey and the green both show the A-line middle length and the red shows the longest Swingcoat length. There are 7 chest sizes to suit every body!

These are now classic pieces in my range, which I sell as ready made and made to measure and of course, as a knitting kit.

The patterns for the hats are also included in my book, knitted in wool, which was my inspiraton for my range of hats in Azteca yarn (left).
Susan sent me this shot when she'd completed the Harlequin Swagger from the cover of my book. Great shot, Susan.
I know the image on the cover of my book makes this look a little daunting, but there are many ways Mitres can be used and they create such stunning results.
Below I have trimmed the Mitre Drape into a vest; the body of the garment is knitted first, the basket stitch squares create the template to pick up the stitches along the front edge and the hemline for the Mitres.
Mitre Drape Vest ready made A$445 /
knitting kit A$130 / Pattern A$15
Mitres using variegated yarn to create drifts of colour or using 4 to 10 colours to create a graded light to dark effect. These are great fun to knit as well as wear. 
Centre the Miami Drape, the back panel is knitted first, then stitches are picked up and knitted to the front edge, the hem line has cast off steps which provide the template to add the Mitres.
The Azteca Coco Vee Capelet is knitted totally in Mitres without seams, using 2 varigated colours in Azteca Fine.
Below: Cowls and scarves as knitting kits.
NEW Gomotilo Merino:
100% Virgin Wool 8ply. 

Gomitolo is new for winter 2018 100% virgin wool in four colours.
Left to centre above and below 1. Aqua Blue. 2. Orange, Khaki, Lime.
Below centre and right 3. Khaki, Plum, Rust. 4. Green, Olive.
Right the Wave scarf was my first piece
working with short rows and most importantly with these great yarns boasting long lengths of colour drifts - so it's not the same as hank dyed.
Left is the Wave Wrap, this starts narrow and then extends to be wide at the centre back.

Gomitolo is new for winter 2018: 100% virgin wool, you can see from above right the lengths of colour are varied and create short splashes of colour.

I am madly knitting samples - as the knitting really shows the colour variation better than the balls!
Below Left to right in the original weight 12 ply Azteca: in colour Drifters: Azteca is in 100g balls.
In Red Velvet the Wave length scarf, Yurt Beret in Azure and Circular Cowl in Multi Bright.

These 3 designs all take just 1 x 100g ball of Azteca and are the 3 free patterns I offer when you purchase 3 x 100g balls of Azteca or Azteca Fine.
Plus I am offering this on the NEW 100% Wool Gomitolo 4 x 50g balls to get the 3 free patterns. for yarn and pattern orders.

The Yurt hat pattern includes both styles, upright Yurt hat in above in Azure and left the Yurt Beret style in Lagoon.
The Hat is knitted straight-sided, while the Beret commences with increases, then decreased back to the original stitch count. 

Left is the Wave Wrap - wrapped!!

SPECIAL OFFER on order 4 x 50g of NEW yarn Gomitolo or 3 x 100g balls of Azteca/ Azteca Fine and receive 3 free patterns.

Three Patterns are: Circular Cowl, Wave Scarf and Yurt Hat/ Beret
 If you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter - or anything at all, please email Jane. Thanks for your support - Laura, Petra, Philippa, Helen and I look forward to seeing you in the knitting circle!

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