ZOOM Knitting class: 2 hour Mitre class
6th Nov in US/ 7th Nov in Oz
Fri, 6 Nov 2020
Fri, 6 Nov 2020
Sydney noon to 2 pm Saturday 7th Nov
US time difference = 7 pm to 9.10 pm Fri 6th Nov
Sydney is 15 hours ahead of the US depending on time zone.
On line ZOOM
payable to XRX
STITCHES are amazing knitting/ fibre event in the US hosted by, my publisher XRX, and publishers of Knitter's Magazine.

A 2 hour class: US CT Fri 6th Nov 7 pm to 9.10 pm
Sydney noon to 2 pm - so ahead of the USA
The September and October 6 hour classes sold out really quickly. November's class is just two hours and will focus on designs created from panels of Mitres. Homework is completed before the class to have an understanding of knitting Mitres, also watching my Youtube video, which you will find on my homepage.
XRX is very familiar with my designs and I taught with them over 15 years. I've created many garments in Mitres from skirts and ponchos to swingcoats, knitted waist down then waist up, on the diagonal, in fact every which way! I never would have believed I could be entertained by two row stripes! So, from my Sydney studio, I can thread you through my design journey, from designs incorporating Mitre Panels to garments, including adding shoulder shaping and sizing adjustments for Mitre panel designs. 

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