Swingcoats Single & Multi Colour


Swingcoats - Single Colour & Multi-Coloured
Ready Made handknits - In Stock
Ready Made handknits - In Stock 
Swingcoats - Single Colour & Multi-coloured
Byron A line Coat          Fan & Cable Swagger
Metro A Line coat           
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Swingcoats - Single Colour & Multi-coloured
Cardi-Coats & Swagger Coats 
Mitred Multi-coloured Designs
Single colour Cardigans & Jackets
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If you are interested in a garment, as ready made or a knitting kit, please contact jane@sigknit.com to discuss your purchase.
Payment: For a garment purchase, an authorisation for the value of goods is held against a credit card, you will be charge only after you have received and approved your purchase.

Australian Sizing chest:
          8 Small 34"/86cm.           16 2X 42"/106cm.          22 5X 47½"/121cm.
        10 Med 36"/91cm.            18 3X 44"/111cm.           24 6X 49½"/126cm.
12 Large 38"/96cm.          20 4X 45½"/116cm.        26 7 X 51½"/131cm. 
        14 XL 40"/101cm.                       
Made to Measure also available
Fit & Ease - what is ease?
Ease is the measurement of a garment that is greater than your physical chest size. When designing, ease is worked into each design; generally the greater the ease, the more casual the fit of the garment, but not with swingcoats.

Swingcoat designs are achieved by having a tailored fit to the shoulder, which structurally supports an extremely generous ease in the chest and hip of the coat. Ease in the chest can be up to 16"/40cm - this huge amount of ease drapes and creates the style. The hip on the swingcoat designs adds an additional 6"/15cm to 10"/20cm at hip.
Right: Diamond Cable Swing, wide sleeve and collar.

The fit of a garment is a combination of body ease and really importantly for swingcoats, the fit over the shoulder. The majority of Jane's designs have a fitted shoulder; unlike the chest size, the shoulder fit has very little difference between sizes, the chest may increase by 2"/5cm per size, but the shoulder by less than ½"/1cm.
Back story: I was making garments to measure, adding ease into the hip, as most women's hips are at least 2"/5cm larger than their chest. In a traditional hand knit the chest and hip are the same, and the rib band pulled the garment firmer over the hip, great for men! I was adding A line shaping into nearly every made-to-measure order.
So, I took the A line to an extreme to create the swing coat; these coats fit on the shoulder, have ease in the chest and swing and drape over the hip, instead of hugging the hips. This was back in the 1
990s, the first design Fan & Cable Swing (Above right in cream), was a huge hit. 
Next the Diamond Cable Swing (right in purple), as some customers didn't like the bobbles. This is less generous than the Fan & Cable Swing especially in the upper body, targeted at the slighter frame body type. More design followed, and the Swagger style, with less swing & length.
Swingcoat style options for collar and sleeves.

The origianal styling was with a wide sleeve and round neck; in recent years I have added a Vee Shawl Collar option, with the turn back collar (left).
Most recent option is a slim sleeve and Dolman, so the original wide sleeve 56cm, the slim sleeve is 38cm - quite a difference. Dolman starts slim then widens to 50cm.
The slim sleeve reduces the fullness/size in the chest.
Below, the cream image of the Diamond Swing shows the collar option and fringing on the hem and collar.

Stock garments are each identified with a stock number & design name: FCSW HE22 colour and size 12 - 16, as well as measurements of that stock garment for chest, hip and length, shoulder width and sleeve width. 
Ready Made - Diamond Cable Swingcoat
Diamond Cable Swingcoat
Classic stitch pattern

Cables are worked from hemline to shoulder, between cables the Diamond stitch pattern reduces in dimensions as the body shaping narrows these panels. The cables in the cuff (in cream below) become the diamond pattern in the sleeve, the sleeve increase shaping is worked within the body of the sleeve, so this time the Diamond increases in size to sleeve top.
Right shows Vee Shawl option and below left round neck option for the Diamond Cable Swingcoat.
Diamond Cable Swingcoat
Ready made $695 - knitting kit $260

Diamond Cable Swingcoat
in stock

Below left: GY83 Turkish Blue size 10 - 14
Vee Shawl Collar/ Sleeve Wide 54cm 
Chest 106/42"  Length 83cm
Shoulder 35cm  Hip 158cm

Below right: HB47 Light Olive size 10 - 14
Round neck/ Sleeve slim 42cm
Chest 106/42"  Length 83cm
Shoulder 37cm  Hip  148cm
Garments in stock - Diamond Cable Swingcoat
To purchase or more sizing detail email: jane@sigknit.com
10% off Ready Made garments until 30th June 2020
Ready made - Fan & Cable Swingcoat
Classic Fan and Bobble stitches between cables.
If this style is too generous and long see Fan & Cable Swagger, both shorter and slightly more fitted
Fan & Cable Swingcoat
Fan & Bobble stitch pattern between cables, the panels of pattern are decreased, creating fullness in the hip yet fitted to the shoulder. Round neck style, with sleeve option of wide sleeve, Dolman or slim sleeve, as given per garment.

Free shade card
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Garments in stock - Fan & Cable Swingcoat
To purchase or more sizing detail email: jane@sigknit.com
Fan & Cable Swingcoat Garments in stock

Left: HC49 Cream size 12-16
Round neck/ Sleeve slim width 42cm
Chest 108cm/42½"    Length 83cm
Shoulder 42cm  Hip 132cm

Below left: HD88 Ruby Red size 12-16
Round neck/ Sleeve slim width 40cm
Chest 108cm/42½"    Length 85cm
Shoulder 38cm  Hip 144cm

Below right: HE05 Jacaranda size 12-16
Round neck/ Sleeve Dolman width 50cm
Chest 120cm/47"    Length 89cm
Shoulder 43cm  Hip 154cm

Free shade card on request
Ready Made $695       Knitting kit $260

Times Cable Swingcoat
Knitted in a combination of 5 or 7 colours, geometric pattern between cables.
The key to the fit is the shoulder width. The upper body and shoulders are knitted on a smaller needle to create a firmer knit structure that supports the body of the garment, so this will not grow longer/ drop in size/ length.

Times Cable Swing
Knitted in a combination of 5 or 7 colours. With round neck or Vee shawl collar, with sleeve options of Wide, Slim or Dolman.
Blue colourway is Slim sleeve with vee Shawl Collar.

In Stock:
Left: HB61 Blue/Steel
Size 18 - 22 Chest 128cm/51" Length 83cm
Shoulder 43cm  Hip 154cm
Sleeve width 40cm

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Garments in stock - Times Cable Swing
To purchase or more sizing detail email: jane@sigknit.com

Times Cable Swing

Garments in stock

Left : FT67 Plum, Oxblood, Moss
size 12 - 16 Chest 110cm/43½"
Length 82cm Shoulder 43cm  Hip 150cm
Sleeve width Wide 48cm

Below left: GA46 Aubergine, Khaki
size 18 - 24 Chest 134cm/52½"
Length 82cm Shoulder 44cm  Hip 164cm
Sleeve width Wide 54cm

Below right: HC63 Black, Fox, Clay
size 18 - 26 Chest 144cm/56½"
Length 84cm Shoulder 45cm  Hip 172cm
Sleeve width Wide 58cm

Times Cable Swing: available made to measure.
Ready made $725 
Knitting kit $275 
10% Off Ready Made garments until 30th June 2020
Australian Sizing chest:
        8 Small 34"/86cm.         10 Med 36"/91cm.         12 Large 38"/96cm.
      14 XL 40"/101cm.           16 2X 42"/106cm.          18 3X 44"/111cm.
      20 4X 45½"/116cm.        22 5X 47½"/121cm.      24 6X 49½"/126cm.
      26 7 X 51½"/131cm.      
Made to Measure also available

Fit is a personal preference, a neat fit would have a chest ease of 4cm = your chest + 4cm; standard fit is about 6-8cm; loose + 12 to 15cm. The actual measurements per garment for chest, hip and body length are given. If you have a handknit in your wardrobe, check by measuring across the chest below the armhole.
When compared to the Swingcoats, the Swagger style has less swing and is a high waisted fit. 
To purchase or more sizing detail email: jane@sigknit.com

Swagger or Swing.
Below left and centre: the Fan and Cable Swagger style, the high waisted fit is really apparent in this shot.
Right: the Fan and Cable Swingcoat, which is full from the shoulder.


Fan & cable Swagger
with Shawl collar or round neck.

Ready to Wear garments in stock - More designs and colours
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Byron A line, Split Texture Jacket, Bee Bee Jacket.
To purchase or more sizing detail email: jane@sigknit.com
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