Hand Knitting Patterns

Signatur Handknits Knitting Patterns are now available for purchase, as so many hand spinners were requesting Jane's patterns. This has been an addition to the site, the site is unable to skip the step of picking a colour, so to order a pattern you need to select a colour!

You receive the same knitting pattern Jane has created for her finished handknitted garments, with many sizes, length and collar style options, even the option to add a touch of A line into the hip.

Signatur Handknits is a boutique business, maintaining a colour range of over 50 colours, it is this colour range, as well as Jane's designs that make the Signatur Knitting kit most knitters choice. Knitting kits include Signatur 8ply Australian Wool, the knitting pattern and handmade buttons. Buttons vary in price from $3.50 to $8, a knitting kit with 8 buttons has a $40 value in buttons alone. 

Jane offers her customizing of each pattern, so you achieve both a beautifully knitted and beautifully fitted garment. With your chest, hip and height Jane can make sizing notes just for you. 
To order just the pattern you need to make a colour selection to proceed to the order page, then you can make a pattern purchase.

Jane's previous policy of only offering knitting kits, and not selling just the pattern, was so she could maintain the quality of the yarns used to knit her designs. For this reason the range of swingcoats remain as kits only, they are a perfect example of 'best results from the best yarn'. Jane's pure new wool is spun with extra twist, which not only drapes beautifully but supports the garment shape.

Please contact Jane if you require more size or length instructions on any design.