hand Knitting Kits

Designs by Jane E Slicer-Smith

Signatur Handknits are designed by Jane E Slicer-Smith. 

A knitting kit allows you to knit any of these designs yourself. Each design clearly indicates the skill level required. Images with sufficient detail are also provided so you can judge if the design you have chosen is within your ability.
Knitting classes are also available for the Penny Jacket and Split Texture Jacket.


At the base of each page are full details of each design plus an image of the completed garment. If you require more details please contact Jane, who will be happy to help.

Ask Jane about custom sizing, which can be applied to all designs at no additional cost - unless more yarn is required for the knitting kit. More

What’s in a knitting kit?

  • All yarns required to complete the design
  • Buttons as specified on design sheet
  • Sizing and/or length options

Needle Conversion Most designs are knitted on 4mm US 6 (UK 8) with a stocking stitch tension of 22.5sts to 10cm/4". The knitting pack does not include knitting needles - sizes required are given on the knitting instructions.

Knitting Instructions A tension guide is provided. Most patterns are in 3 to 6 sizes with sizes given in both centimetres and inches, though the instructions are usually in centimetres only. Most stitch patterns are given as both graph and written instructions, not a graph only.

Graphs are mainly used for multi-coloured designs and are A3 (42x59.4cm) size in black and white, with bold marking so they're easy to follow. Jane's designs are created for the optimum finished garment, so many designs have a graph per size. 

Colour Picture A colour print of the design is provided, both front and back. Designs such as the Boxes Drape have multiple images to show the different ways it can be worn.

Signatur Pure New Wool The world's best Pure New Wool with great stitch definition, a wonderful drape and a stunning range of colours. All Signatur designs have a wool base for best performance. For additional texture Jane also brings Mohair into her designs.

Triangle buttons Each design summary page on the website specifies buttons as supplied per design. The triangular buttons are either in the base colour of the design or in 3 to 4 matching colours. For one colour garments where a suitable colour match is not available in triangle buttons, round metal buttons in gold or silver are supplied. For cream garments, polished shell buttons are used.

Handmade Square buttons A set of buttons are made for each garment/ knitting kit. Solid coloured buttons are created with a textured surface, this creates light and shadow on the buttons. Colours are hand mixed.

Handmade picture buttons These buttons are made for the picture designs, with each button featuring an image from the garment's design. These details are all hand moulded and applied. The modelling clay used for these buttons is baked at 130 deg. Steam pressing will not damage but do not touch directly with a hot iron. Dry cleanable.

The Facts - Australian Pure New Wool Australia produces 70% of the world’s finest wool, with its many uses ranging from fine woven Italian suit fabric to the best known knitwear in the world. The finest natural attribute of wool it is memory! (Does wearing wool improve memory?) This is why Pure New Wool bounces back into shape when washed. Good wool will not prickle.

The finest wool for suiting requires spinning and weaving firmly and finely to protect the fine fibre: this is spun for weaving not knitting. The coarser, more durable wools are used for carpets, and are not suitable for garments.

Custom Sizing: If you find it difficult to get clothes to fit then you'll love this service. Working directly with my clients I have worked with all different body shapes. My swingcoats and A line coats address this to an extent. Like diamonds - we are pear shaped and heart shaped - most commercial patterns are designed for the 36 - 24 - 36 and are modeled by these ideal body shapes.

Custom sizing, or bespoke tailoring, can accommodate narrow shoulders, broad shoulders, short or long waists, narrow or broad hips. Ask Jane for more details.

If you have any questions while knitting your garment, please contact us