Finished Garments

Custom sizing Garments, kits and patterns

If you visit Jane at her studio or a craft show you will have the pleasure of seeing her design range first hand. Photographs really cannot do not do these pieces justice, for styling, fit or colour.

Custom sizing can be applied to all designs. This allows Jane to make to measure for you, or make notes on the instructions for you to knit for yourself. This is at no additional cost, unless more yarn is required for the knitting kit. This can often be done by email once you recieve you kit or pattern. More

Though there is always stock on hand, if your size or colour is not in stock, then Jane will make to measure at no extra cost. For the best results Jane will discuss you sizing and length requirements and confirm colour by mailing a yarn sample.

Jane has been designing and working directly with clients mail order for over twenty years. The only consistant compliant is that the garments don't wear out, they may become weekend favourites instead of a treasured treat!

Knitting each garment takes around 10 to 14 weeks, all garments are handknitted in Australia by Jane's team of knitters. You will be asked to confirm your order with a 50% deposit, Jane will give you a code that will be entered with your order and you will keep as your reference.

Jane travels throughout the Eastern seaboard of Australia, with an occassional visit to WA.
Jane also attends shows in the USA and UK each year, please see the craft show listing.

Custom Sizing: If you find it hard to get cloths to fit you'll love this service. Working directly with my clients I have worked with all different body shapes. My swingcoats and A line coats address this to an extent. Like diamonds - we are pear shaped and heart shaped - most commerical patterns are designed for the 36 - 24 - 36 and modeled by these ideal body shapes.
Customizing can accomadate narrow shoulders, board shoulders, short and long waisted, narrow or board hips. Ask Jane for more details.